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Core Warehouse

Drilling exploratory holes for oil and gas, minerals, and other resources is enormously expensive, and companies deciding on locations for test wells examine as much data as possible before drilling to maximize their chances of success. Cores and samples from nearby wells provide data that are very useful in choosing optimal locations for new wells. The Geological Survey of Alabama/State Oil and Gas Board of Alabama (GSA/OGB) maintains a core storage repository where cores and samples from exploratory wells drilled in the state are available for study by researchers and oil and gas companies. OGB regulations require samples from exploratory oil and gas wells be provided to GSA/OGB for archiving in the repository. Specific requirements concerning cores and cuttings can be found in OGB rules and regulations (Rule 400-1-4-.03(2)). The core facility currently has samples representing more than 10,000 oil and gas wells. Also, more than 400 coal and mineral exploration cores, 200 offshore sediment cores, and 1,000 samples from water wells are archived in the facility. Cores and samples may be viewed by appointment. Contact Elbert Patterson (205.247.3665) for details.