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Dan Irvin


Geologic Mapping

Geologic maps show the types, ages, and distribution of rocks or sediment in a given area. As such, geologic maps provide fundamental data for use in the exploration for oil and gas, industrial and construction minerals, and groundwater resources. The maps also aid in the planning and development of an area by identifying potential geologic hazards. The Geological Survey of Alabama is committed to producing new geologic maps in areas where basic geologic data are needed to support industrial and urban development.




The Survey participates in the STATEMAP component of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program. The purpose of the Program is to produce new, detailed geologic maps of areas deemed critical to the state; generally, these are areas experiencing rapid urban and industrial growth. For a historical summary of Geological Survey of Alabama's participation in the STATEMAP program, click here. Through STATEMAP, The Geological Survey of Alabama has completed and published more than 35 new geologic maps at the 7.5-minute (1:24,000) scale, and several more are in progress. The maps are color plots and are accompanied by explanations and booklets summarizing the geology of the quadrangles. The paper maps and booklets are available for purchase from the Publications Sales office. In addition, GIS digital files and PDFs of the maps are available for download as they become available.

Special Map 220A, Geologic Map of Alabama, Digital Version 1.0, is available for download and/or on CD-ROM at no cost from the Publications Office.

For more information on the Geologic Mapping Program, contact Dan Irvin via email or by phone at (205) 247-3542.