Mapping & Hazards Contacts

Dan Ivin (mapping)


Sandy Ebersole (hazards)


Geologic Mapping and Hazards

Geologic Mapping and Hazards Section activities include geologic mapping, monitoring the geologic hazards of the state, statewide mapping of geologic hazards in a GIS format, investigating the causes of geohazards in Alabama, answering a wide range of information requests on geohazards, and promoting public awareness of the potential dangers of geohazards through talks, brochures, and educational videos and publications. The section also cooperates with other organizations that mitigate damage from geohazards in our region. These include CUSEC (Central United States Earthquake Consortium), the U.S. Geological Survey, the Association of American State Geologists, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, and the Alabama Emergency Management Agency. Our geologists assist the U.S. Geological Survey in establishment of seismic stations used to monitor earthquakes in Alabama and worldwide. The Survey also supports the Alabama Emergency Management Agency through assistance during crisis situations, education of emergency personnel, and mitigation of geohazards. Our website has recently added links to websites that provide information on the repair of minor damage from geohazards.