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The Geological Survey of Alabama has published more than 1,000 maps and reports on the geology and natural resources of the state. The publications range in style from nontechnical works intended for educational use in the classroom to detailed maps and reports summarizing the geology and resource base of specific areas to highly technical, specialized scientific monographs. These publications are available through our Publications Office, located in Walter B. Jones Hall on the University of Alabama campus. They may also be ordered by telephone (205-247-3636) or by mail. Information on ordering publications is available on the Publications link of this web site, where a complete List of Publications can be viewed and searched by author, title, and subject. Also, out-of-print publications are being continuously added to this web page. See online publications.



The Publications Office is staffed on a part-time basis during regular business hours of the GSA & OGB (8 to 12 and 1 to 5 Monday through Friday). Telephone messages and e-mail messages are checked regularly. Visitors to the Publications Office may call or e-mail prior to their visit to check availability times for staff assistance (205-247-3636 or

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