Groundwater Assessment Program

One of Alabama’s great blessings is its abundance of and high quality water resources. However, extreme droughts in recent years have emphasized the need to effectively manage and protect these resources. which are necessary to sustain economic growth and maintain our quality of life. Alabama's groundwater and surface-water systems are hydrologically interconnected and function together to provide water for public, industrial, agricultural, and recreational use. Knowledge of these complex systems gained through scientific research is paramount to the protection and sustainability of this irreplaceable resource.

One of the most important responsibilities of the Geological Survey of Alabama is to conduct research that increases our knowledge of the waters of the state. The Groundwater Assessment Program (GAP) investigates the occurrence, availability, and quality of the state's waters. The GAP works in cooperation with other state and federal agencies, local governments and water systems, industry, educational institutions, and citizens to address Alabama's water issues. Knowledge gained from this research is available to the public through publications, open-file reports, databases, web site, and through information requests directed to the Groundwater Assessment Program at the Geological Survey of Alabama.


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