How to Order Geophysical Logs


Requests for geophysical log orders should be submitted via e-mail to (preferred method) or faxed to 205.349.2861. Include the well permit number, the type of log (EL, N/D, SON, etc) and filename being requested. Also, please specify the desired format (paper copies or tiff images on a CD). Cost is $.75 per linear foot for paper copies and $.65 per linear foot equivalent for tiff images plus shipping.

If you do not have an established account with the Geological Survey/State Oil and Gas Board, prepayment is required. Upon receipt of an order request, a price quote will be generated and e-mailed along with instructions for payment. Upon receipt of payment, the order will be processed. All paper copies are sent via U.S. Postal Service or U.P.S., and CDs are sent by U.S. Postal Service. Please provide clearly marked billing and mailing addresses with each order.


Log orders are processed in the order received after payment has been made. Additional information may be obtained by contacting our staff by phone at 205.247.3652.