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State Oil and Gas Board

The State Oil and Gas Board of Alabama is a regulatory agency of the State of Alabama with the statutory charge of preventing waste and promoting the conservation of oil and gas while ensuring the protection of both the environment and the correlative rights of owners. The Board is granted broad authority in Alabama oil and gas conservation statutes to promulgate and enforce rules and regulations to ensure the conservation and proper development of Alabama's petroleum resources.

The Board consists of three members appointed by the Governor of the State for a term of six years. The State Geologist serves as State Oil and Gas Supervisor and ex officio Secretary of the Board. The Supervisor is charged with the duty of enforcing all rules, regulations, and orders promulgated by the Board.

The official records of the agency are housed in the Board's main office in Tuscaloosa, and a regional office is located in Mobile. Search the Board's electronic databases or select a topic to obtain other information on Alabama's oil and gas resources and the activities and services of the Board.