GSA Staff Directory

GSA Staff

OGB Directory

Berry H. (Nick) Tew, Jr.
State Geologist & Oil and Gas Supervisor
Telephone: (205) 247-3679

Irene Burgess
Executive Secretary to State Geologist/Oil & Gas Supervisor
Telephone: (205) 247-3677

Kirk McQuillan
Deputy Director, Oil & Gas Board
Telephone: (205) 247-3660

Seth Newton
General Counsel for the Geological Survey of Alabama
Telephone: (205) 247-3708

Patrick E. (Pat) O'Neil
Deputy Director, Geological Survey of Alabama
Telephone: (205) 247-3586

Marvin Rogers
General Counsel for the State Oil and Gas Board of Alabama; Oil and Gas Regulations; Oil and Gas Hearings Officer; Hearings Administration; Oil Sands Regulations
Telephone: (205) 247-3680