Publication Types

AS - Atlas Series

BR - Biennial Reports

B - Bulletin

C - Circular

CD - Compact Disk

CR - County Report

ES - Educational Series

GB - Guidebook Series

IM - Image Series

IS - Information Series

L - Leaflet

MA - Map Abstracts

M - Monograph

OGM - Oil and Gas Maps

OGR - Oil and Gas Reports

OGSM - Oil and Gas Special Maps

QS - Quadrangle Series

RP - Report of Progress

RS - Reprint Series

SM - Special Map

SP - Special Publications

SR - Special Reports

Online Publications
    The Geological Survey of Alabama is providing online availability for selected new and out-of-print publications. Out-of-print publications appearing on this web page were reproduced because of continued public demand.  The information contained in these reports represents the state of the Survey's knowledge at the time of publication, and some of this information may be dated.

Software Required to View the Electronic files

Note: Texts are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and require Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher to view.

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